Individual Counselling

There can be times when you feel unsure or find it difficult to cope with your education and would like to talk to Expert in confidence. Our professionally trained counsellors provide free, confidential individual counselling sessions. You can talk to us about any issue that is affected your previous degree and our academic counsellor will guide you to choose an UGC approved university to complete courses successfully.

How can counselling help?

Talk with counsellor may help you to see an Academic Qualification more clearly or from different perspectives, get some insight into Issue Where It origins, and think about how to Go forward & Continue Education. Counselling can equip you with new ways to Restart your Education, while helping you to make use of your resources and feel more Confident On Continue Education.

The Academic counselling process begins with you and your counsellor Is developing a clearer understanding of your Education Problems and thinking together about how to Restart Education.

In counselling, the learning is about yourself, who you really are and where you are going with your Education, how to manage Qualification Issues, or how to resolve or cope with what’s going on in your Current Educational Issues. Counselling can help you feel more Confident and goal oriented while renewing a sense of active engagement in learning and life.

If you need Academic specialist help, or help we are unable to offer, we can help you consider how to Restart Your Education & Complete Successfully.

When should I seek help?

Education Policy changes, whether it’s work, study or just within yourself, you may find it useful to discuss with these changes with a counsellor. Some students seek counselling when they feel they have tried everything else and have run out of options, but students generally find the earlier they see a counsellor, the better and easier better education is for them.

I'm interested in Counseling

To contact us directly, dial 9746363807

How long are counselling?

Counselling Sessions are usually for 30 to 60 minutes. Shorter sessions are booked according to your need and following discussion with your counsellor. In most cases you will need to contact the service ahead and book a scheduled appointment.

What can I expect from counselling?

When you attend counselling you can expect a professional, responsive and respectful service. Our counsellors are fully qualified and experienced with extensive knowledge and understanding of the mental health, personal, family and work problems of students. Counsellors aim to be independent, good listeners, and do not blame or pass judgements. They will assist you to resolve issues on current university credit transfer to new UGC approved university, Basic eligibility checking, provide general counselling about regular/ transfer course credits, arrange video conference with university counsellor for betterment of knowledge, checking seat availability & secure seat for upcoming course session.