What is a Bonafide Certificate?

A Bonafide Certificate is a document issued as proof that you belong to a particular educational institute or an organisation. For a student, it is a certificate of evidence showcasing that an individual belongs to a particular class and course in the institution for a specific time period. It is generally required for varied purposes such as visa applications, while seeking employment or applying for an educational loan, amongst others.

What is the Use of a Bonafide Certificate?

It is required for multiple usages. Let’s check them out:

  • You can get a student concession offered by public transport agencies
  • It is required when applying for a passport and visa application
  • Certain lending institutes and banks offer loans where it is required
  • It is needed for scholarships

Uses of Bonafide Certificate?

It plays a crucial role in an array of documentation purposes, be it applying for education loans to study abroad, seeking a new job or availing benefits of governmental schemes. Now that you know its meaning, let’s understand what purposes it is usually asked for:

  • Bonafide Certificate For Students
  • Passport application and visa extension
  • To apply for educational loans 
  • To attend a seminar and workshops at other academic institutions
  • To visit an industry for project work
  • To avail travel concessions
  • To join a public library

Bonafide Certificate For Employees

  • To open a bank account
  • To avail a bank loan
  • To attend a conference or an official seminar

Bonafide certificate

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