Academic Advisory Board

Eduacharya Academic Advisory Council regularly reviews the research  activities of the Centre and provides guidance and oversight to the core team. The Academic Advisory Council includes scholars from India who have been academically involved and are well recognized in the area of Education and provide valuable inputs to the core team as and when necessary. 

We are fully committed to provide our students with an exceptional Higher Education   experience. The rigor and integrity of our academic programs are guided by advisors vested in the field of Indian Higher education.

Our Academic Advisory Board  is composed of faculty and administrative experts in the field of Indian Higher Education and provides counsel on the development and maintenance of our centers. Board members are comprised of representatives of our Company of Record, as well as senior education  professionals who serve as individuals with no implied or explicit expectation that their institutions approve or recommend their students to use our programs. Members of the EduAcharya are not paid for their services.

The EduAcharya members play a substantive role and are key to ongoing quality assurance for all aspects of our programs and receive periodic reports from the Academic Management team, which assists the Board in responding to the needs of our centers.

Every year our Advisory Board Academic Affairs asks one of the EduAcharya members to lead an Annual Performance Assessment (APA) for each of our program sites using relevant statistics and documentation – including student evaluations and reports from key staff. Curriculum, program development, and student services are the subjects of the review.