Terms & Conditions

1) All Students Who wishes to Took Admission are hereby required to Read carefully the terms and conditions in full and only after understanding the terms of Fee, Course Curriculum etc… need to finally submit the application/Seat Reservation part finally. Grievance after final submission and fee payment will not be entertained in any reason.

2) Fee Once Remitted after the confirmation and final submission Will Not Be Refunded At Any Cost .

3) Admission taken becomes final And confirmed subject To the Verification Of The Documents And Certificates by the University And Appropriate Authorities of EduAcharya , If there is any guilty founded necessary legal actions will be initiated against the students and parents as per the provisions of the law of land.

4) Students are liable to obey the instructions / directions / rules & regulations as imposed by the University and Govt. authorities from time to time with regard to the course, sessions, examination, convocation, Fee, Fine etc….

5) Asper the decision of the Hon’ble National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission , we are not bound to refund the fee remitted by the student after starting the course.

6) EduAchrya Is Not Responsible For Any Mal Practices Done By The Students During Their Course .No Institution Or Its Agents Will Bear The Responsibility Of those acts which is designed as “ offence” done by the student or his/her agents with regard to the course at any cost, The Student Only Have The Sole Responsibility For The Same.

7) All Disputes With This Institution Regarding Pre- Admission, Admission And post –Admission Is To Be Settled under the mediation cum conciliation proceedings under the guidance and supervision of M/s SK Associates Advocates And Attorneys at their office at kochin -17. And all litigation proceedings must be dealt under the jurisdiction of the Hon’ble District Court at, Ernakulum.

8) The fee collected is only for the normal course and if there is any special fee ,fines, additional fee, Supplementary fee etc.. imposed by the university from time to time will have to be paid up by the student in person either through us or to the university directly.

9) No claim by the students or his/her agents which is against the mandate of the declarations or the affidavit done by the student/parent at the time of admission will not be entertained by EduAcharya at any cost unless there is due intervention by the court of law .

10) It is hereby mentioned for the due information of the students/parents that if any students wishes to cancel their admission after starting the class the original certificates submitted at the time of admission must be returned from the authorities only after paying the required fee for the entire course in lump sum by the student himself/herself

11) EduAcharya is not responsible for the cancellation of admission by the university , subject combination change, course change or any other decisions made by the university under the provisions of the power vested with them. In which fee refund and other matters will be done only according the instructions from the university from time to time.