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Why Choose Edu Acharya?

Central Government Approved Certification

The degree certification that you get through the credit transfer program under Edu Acharya Institute of Advanced Management & Science is approved by the Central Government of India. It can be used as a validation for attending government jobs or tests without any problem.

Approved by UGC, AIU, AICTE and Kerala PSC

The students successfully complete the credit transfer or lateral entry program under Edu Acharya attain certificates recognized by all major educational regulatory boards in India. We ensure that each student upon completing the degree course gets the right validations for their efforts.

Over 90% Success Rate

Edu Acharya has over 90% for Students who continue their studies using the Credit Transfer Program or University Transfer program. Our educational programs give hope to students who once thought their career was at a dead end. Contact Edu Acharya today and know more about our educational plans.

Edu Acharya Institute of Advanced Management and Technology upholds trust and integrity in all our proceedings. Our services are transparent and are in line with the laws of India.