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Registered under the Government of India

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Is B. Tech credit transfer possible in India?

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How often does this happen, that a student gets a chance of a lifetime to enroll in a degree they have been yearning for, only to end disappointed? This is a case with millions of students throughout the world. 

You always wanted a particular academic direction and you end up finding that you chose the wrong college, or you took it all very light and you wish you could just redo it. After all, the hype is only real when you get to live it. Right?

B.Tech is a dream degree for many aspiring engineers out there. Millions of students opt for B. Tech each year to test their caliber. It starts with steadfast persistence and then one day finally, you have your hands on that admission letter. 

You try hard but things don’t seem to go your way for one reason or another. This is when you find yourself juggling between the only two options looking at you at the end of this road. Either you leave your course, or you keep pursuing the same but in a better place- A chance to Redo Afterall.

What is B. Tech Credit Transfer?

B.Tech Credit Transfer- The chance to do it all again and do it even better. Credit transfer is a process of transferring your current credits to another university and continuing from there. Both the universities have to be UGC & AICTE approved. This is the ultimate chance for students to complete the B. Tech course if they are facing issues in the existing university. This entire process is legal and is approved by UGC and the government of India. You can transfer your B. Tech degree based on your existing credits, transcripts, and a nominal fee to any other university acting under the credit transfer degree rule

Why go for B. Tech Credit transfer?

Any student who is enrolled in an approved institution can transfer their credit including the cleared papers as well as the arrears to another institute. Every student can have his/her reasons to do so

  • A chance to clear backlogs

You can clear your backlogs in a new university with a new syllabus if your existing university doesn’t allow this.

  • Migrate to a better university

It is possible to transfer your B. Tech credits to a more prestigious university with AICTE and UGC approval

  • Social circumstances

Academics takes you to a whole new endeavor. It might be tough for you to be comfortable in the existing setting and it can reflect on your grades. A transfer can be exactly what you need

  • Continue failed/discontinued B. Tech Course

B.Tech failed credit transfer can help students continue with the degree by starting just where they left. You can pursue your previously failed course in a new university.

  • Financial reasons

You can transfer your credits to a university with better credentials and a budget-friendly fee structure that might suit your better.

  • Moving away or out of town

You can transfer your B. Tech credits when it is mandatory for you to relocate and you find it impossible to continue in the exiting location

Is B. Tech Credit transfer legal in India?

It is legal to transfer universities via credit transfer university programs. The only pre-defined condition is that both the universities have to be UGC approved – The one you are transferring from and the one you are transferring to. UGC credit transfer is a new chance at academics for the students you do have second thoughts about their existing university after getting familiarized with the faculty, process, and infrastructure.

In India, credit transfer is limited to one course only. That means you will have to get enrolled in the same single course in another university that you were pursuing before. Some recommendations have been made to the University Grants Commissions and it might facilitate pursuing simultaneous multiple degrees soon.

What to keep in mind while transferring to a new university?

Credit transfer is a new chance at being successful in academics. A degree like B. Tech is highly affluential and requires a lot of exposure in terms of infrastructure and study courses. To choose a new university for your credit transfer means being more vigilant with what you are opting for.

Check for accreditation:

For any degree to be valid, the first and foremost condition is its accreditation. The university has to be recognized by the UGC and registered with AICTE. It is better to always do your research firs. UGC’s official website has a list of all the recognized universities and you can also find a list of fake universities there.

Keep your documents handy:

You might have to prove your eligibility for the university you are opting for. This includes keeping all of your documents handy such as your marks sheets and transcripts in original.

Why choose for EduAcharya Institute for B.Tech Credit transfer?

EduAcharya Institution of Advanced Management & Technology Private Limited is one of the prestigious institutes that has a history of imparting quality education since 2004. We represent the premier university courses and our B. Tech students, in particular, have excelled across the professional domain.

We are properly accredited to provide academic exposure along with our highly qualified and experienced faculty. We have been serving as one of the best credit transfer institutes. You can continue your B. Tech course journey with us by availing the B. Tech Credit Transfer program. If you have discontinued the course earlier of failed B. Tech, we are here to assist you to complete your course.

To know more about the quality of education here, you can go through our student testimonials and reviews. Also, feel free to reach out to our program coordinators or admission councilors. They will assist you in case of any query or guidance.

You can read more about our B.Tech credit transfer service in India here

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Is B. Tech credit transfer possible in India?

B.Tech Credit Transfer- The chance to do it all again and do it even better. Credit transfer is a process of transferring your current credits to another university and continuing from there. Both the universities have to be UGC & AICTE approved.

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