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Benefits of Studying Ph.D in India: Full-time & Part-time Ph.D

Full-Time & Part Time PhD: Which should you choose!

You might have heard a lot about people getting a doctoral degree.. but ever wondered what it is and would you ever want to enroll for it? The answer lies right here!

Firstly, let me tell you about what a PhD is. Doctor of philosophy is considered the highest degree of education in most of the countries across the globe including India.

For those of you who’ve always wondered why people get into pursuing a PhD degree, it is often a criterion of eligibility for employment as professors in universities, research or scientist. A candidate must submit a report, thesis. Sometimes they also require to defend this work of theirs against a panel of expert researchers.

An academic career generally requires a PhD, although in some countries it may not. The minimum eligibility criteria in India is to qualify the GATE entrance exam and the candidate must have a Master’s degree. A few of the universities that provide the most quality PhD educations are IITs, ISI, IISc. As a developing nation, the demand for researchers has increased in our country. Only with dedicated research work our country can boost forward giving a tough competition to the US and other European nations.

Types of PhD courses available

In a world of short life and multiple opportunities, many students wish they could have time to work as well as study during the other hours of their day. After completing a Master’s Degree many students move out for jobs, out of these a few still wish to do their regular job as well as pursue higher studies in the form of PhD. This is now possible in India as Part-time PhD courses are now available to candidates.


Institutes such as IIM Lucknow, IIM Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, BITS Pilani and many more offer part-time PhD programs. Such programs allow students who want to work on something else while pursuing a PhD degree. It merely allows an individual to pursue a PhD course according to his/her convenience, place and time. Many universities allow a full course of part-time i.e the entire research work can be done offsite. While a few universities have a rule that the student must reside within the university for one year so that he gets aquainted with the university professors and peers.

A part-time PhD course is equally valued as a full-time course provided you follow the rules and regulations of the respective university and University Grant Commission. The course can last upto max of 6-7 years.


For those candidates who wish to invest their time and effort completely for research work often opt for a full-time PhD course.

Factors to consider when choosing PhD Course in India 

  • Investment & Return: If you choose a full-time PhD, your return on investment would be much more than if you would have invested your 4-5 years in a corporate job.
  • Job hunt: finding a job will become much easier as you would be able to get any job that you thought you would have missed after your master’s degree.
  • You can involve, elaborate and learn new skills better
  • Gain from competitive advantage

Part-time PhD Benefits 

Is a part-time PhD beneficial? Definitely yes! and it has an incredible amount of advantages. It is often difficult to keep your spirits high while doing a part-time PhD but the rewards are substantial. One of the major pro in this is that part-time PhDs are very flexible in nature as they allow the students to continue with something else that love to do along with the PhD course. A few of the benefits of a part-time course over a full-time one are listed below :

  • The research work is not limited to the university. It can be done off-campus.
  • There is no worry about time limitations. You can complete the course and write the Thesis at your own pace.
  • The decisions made by the faculty and supervisors will not be very strict and the lease can be given.
  • For individuals who want to teach, a part-time PhD program is highly beneficial as they gain many years of teaching experience while they finish up their PhD course.
  • The course fee of a part-time PhD program is comparatively less than a full-time PhD program.

A lot of students wish they could earn and at the same time invest their remaining time into something that they love. Also, you can add a few years of experience to your profile along with the PhD diploma.

Full-time PhD Benefits 

When an MBBS doctor cannot get his degree part-time, then why should an academic doctor! A PhD degree requires intensive reading and research work than your undergraduate/postgraduate degree.

What counts most is what you are willing to sacrifice? Here you will sacrifice 3-4 years of your life while others prefer to choose the corporate life way before. Also what you need to keep in mind is what will be your returns. After careful consideration of all these points, one should select likewise.

Students who opt for part-time PhD often find it more difficult to cope up with the workload as they have to balance both equally. However, with a full-time course, such issues don’t arise. You can completely focus on your research work solely without anything else to manage. Here are a few pros you may consider:

  • You will get well acquainted with the faculty and other students
  • Attending various seminars and group meets become easier
  • You can finish your work in time unlike the part-timers
  • You will have less stress
  • The focus on your theories will be much more
  • The added advantage of submitting a well-versed thesis
  • The course duration will be shorter than a part-time course duration.

Difference in Value: Part-time PhD vs. Full-time PhD

A lot of chaos swayed around students as the UGC didn’t approve of part-time PhD courses, until hundreds of requests later, The University Grants Commission of India has stated that it will treat part-time and full-time PhD degree awarded through regular mode as same provided that they conform with the existing laws of the degree-awarding university. This brought a lot of peace to candidates who wished to pursue part-time courses. So now you may opt for a part-time course with no doubt if it will be given the same value and status as that of a full-time course in India.

Is distance PhD valid in India?

One might question whether they can pursue a distant PhD and will it be treated the same as regular? The answer lies in the circular by the University Grants Commission stating that “the PhD degrees pursued under distant mode will not be recognized as a regular degree.”

The value of your awarding degree lies in the quality of your thesis/research work. I would recommend not to get a PhD to merely become a ‘Dr’ from a ‘Mr’, but only if u have the thirst for knowledge.

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