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B.Tech Credit Transfer In India: What to know about transferring universities

B.Tech Credit Transfer is the process of transferring your credits from one university to another UGC & AICTE approved college. It is a great way for students to complete their B.Tech course if they are having issues with their existing university. Transferring colleges is legal and such processes are approved by the UGC and the government of India.

We often have students ask us about the validity of credit transfer university. The credits that you earn in your current university will not be affected by university transfer. Your existing B.Tech credits will be automatically transferred to the new university.

For example, a student who has applied for KTU college transfer may have both cleared papers as well as arrears. Through credit transfer, they can move their successful papers or credits to a new university where they must enroll for the same program. In the new institution, they will be given the chance to clear their B.Tech backpapers according to the syllabus of new university.

Note: Students can transfer credits, but they cannot change their B.Tech specialization. If you are studying mechanical engineering in your current university, you will be allowed to only choose mechanical engineering in the new university.

Is B.Tech Credit transfer possible in India?

B.Tech credit transfer or B.Tech university transfer is possible and it allows the engineering student to continue their B.Tech program in a new university. There are many reasons to choose credit transfer programs, the primary being the option to clear failed B.Tech papers.

Their current university may not allow for this, leaving students with no choice but to end their course. However, B.Tech credit transfer helps them to write the failed papers at a new university according to their syllabus.

We have listed some of the benefits of B.Tech credit transfer 

  • Have a chance at clearing existing backlogs
  • Graduate from a more prestigious university with UGC and AICTE approval
  • Have possible cost savings compared with your existing university
  • Continue discontinued or failed B.Tech course

When you join a B.Tech university in India, you might be having second thoughts about the university after you familiarize their structure of teaching. In such cases, getting admission in a better university is possible by transferring university through credit transfer.

Another scenario is failed B.Tech cases where your backlogs make it impossible for you to graduate from your current university. Or you might want to continue your discontinued B.Tech degree. In such cases, you can rely on B.Tech credit transfer to move your credits to a university that will accommodate you in their students’ list.

Is university transfer legal in India?

Yes, transferring universities through credit transfer university program in India is completely legal as it is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC). One thing that you must keep in mind is that credit transfer is only legal if you are migrating from your current university to a university that is approved by the UGC.

Currently, UGC only allows the student to transfer their university to pursue a single course. To give you an example, if a student who is pursuing B.Tech in Anna University has chosen to transfer their course, they will only be able to pursue that single course in a new university.

However, UGC is now considering more options where students can pursue multiple degrees simultaneously. This new idea is verified with National educational Policy (NEP) and we may see it come to fruition in the near future.

To know whether the university you are transferring to is approved by the UGC, you can check the official website of UGC. They have also hosted the list of fake universities. So make sure you refer their list when choosing to transfer your college or university.

What to keep in mind while when transferring universities?

The first and foremost thing is that you should check the validity of the new university. There are many fake universities and they trap students on a massive scale.

Do not fall for such tricks as you have plenty of ways to check whether a university is real or nor. And the best way is to check the government site of UGC. Click to see the list of fake universities in India. Always check for their UGC and AICTE approval status.

The second part is to make sure that you have all the papers in order. The new university will ask you to submit documents that prove your eligibility. Make sure that you submit what is required and do not engage in any malpractices in fabricating certificates.

Most universities have an eligibility criteria that you must have completed 2 years of b.Tech in order to be eligible for credit transfer program.

Why EduAcharya Institute for B.Tech Credit Transfer

EduAcharya Institution of Advanced Management & Technology Private Limited has always been at the forefront of providing top-tier educational services for students. The reason why we are the best credit transfer university facilitator is because of the level of transparency that we maintain with our students.

There are no false promises or illegal processes when it comes to EduAcharya Institute. We are a registered institution under the government of India with 15 years of educational experience. You can check our reviews and student testimonials to see what our students have to say about our services.

When you are looking for B.Tech transfer either due to discontinued B.Tech or failed B.Tech, choose EduAcharya B.Tech Credit Transfer Program. We are here to help you complete your education.

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